• For 400 years a secret war has been waged between heroes and villains created by William Shakespeare. The heroes seem to have the upper hand, as all the villains are held in a maximum security prison known as The Globe, behind a barrier fashioned by Shakespeare himself. However there are rumours of a traitor in the RSC, the government agency responsible for his characters. Meanwhile a travel agent from Stratford is about to have a birthday to remember, as discovers he’s our only hope if the villains escape.

    Join acclaimed company ACS Random at Chelsea Theatre for the highlight of their 10th anniversary season, with the must see show of 2012. The Shakespeare Conspiracy is a most lamentable epic comic romantic tragic comedy for everyone who loves the Bard, and everyone who doesn’t. Forget Batman, Spiderman or The Avengers – this is the superhero event everyone’s going to be talking about.

    DISCLAIMER: The Shakespeare Conspiracy is a work of fiction, and is not to be taken seriously, especially if you are or ever have been an employee of the RSC, MI6...or S.H.I.E.L.D.