• Play of origin: Othello
  • Special powers: Manipulation, deceit, villainy
  • Most likely to say: How’s your wife?
  • Least likely to say: Big hug!
  • Likes: World domination, BBC IPlayer
  • Facebook Friends: Peter Mandelson, Simon Cowell
Lady Macbeth
  • Play of origin: Macbeth
  • Special powers: see Iago (plus guilt)
  • Most likely to say: Out damned spot
  • Least likely to say: I’m really not that ambitious
  • Likes: Shoes, Vodka
  • Facebook Friends: Angelina Jolie, Nigella Lawson
  • Play of origin: King Lear
  • Special powers: Being a bastard
  • Most likely to say: I’m a bastard
  • Least likely to say: I like kittens
  • Likes: Being a bastard
  • Facebook Friends: Piers Morgan
Richard III
  • Play of origin: Richard III
  • Special powers: Hunchback
  • Most likely to say: Now is the winter of our discontent
  • Least likely to say: Now is the summer of our fishcontent
  • Likes: His mummy, Ice Cream
  • Facebook Friends: Pingu
  • Play of origin: Romeo & Juliet
  • Special powers: Assassination
  • Most likely to say: nothing
  • Least likely to say: see above
  • Likes: Swords, daggers, hats
  • Facebook Friends: Silent Bob, Leon
Three Sisters
  • Play of origin: Macbeth
  • Special powers: Magic
  • Most likely to say: When shall we three meet again
  • Least likely to say: Horoscopes are overrated
  • Likes: Harry Potter, Wicked, Chekhov
  • Facebook Friends: Hecate, Derren Brown